Types of Blog Posts

One of a blogger’s biggest challenge is coming up with great blog posts that will be interesting to their readers. Not only is content important, but the way that content is presented is also key. Below are a few types of blog posts you may want to include on your site to add a little kick to your blog.

The Embed Reactor

This is a method that I learned from Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer. You find a popular YouTube video on your subject matter (one with over a million views). You embed the YouTube view into your post and you write a short “reaction” to it. You may agree or disagree with the content. It’s up to you. Make sure that you mention who it is in the video and link back to their site.

The Quote Post

You can compile a list of quotes about a particular topic. For instance, you can pull together “The Best Marketing Advice from Top Women CEOs.” Of course, make sure to accurately quote the statement and who first said it. If you add a “Tweet This” button, you will probably get more interaction.

The Round Up List Post

These posts are extremely popular because people love lists. The great thing about these posts is that you can curate content from others, as long as you link back to the source. For instance, you can make a list of “The Top 10 Business Coaches You Should Follow This Year.” Don’t forget to put yourself on the list.


Infographics are great to add to a blog post. Many times, infographics will include source code that you can easily embed into your site that will show the graphics and properly credit the source. Make sure that you add a pin on Pinterest for your post because Pinterest readers love infographics.

Why You Need to Blog

One of the easiest and most effective marketing strategies you can use in your business is blogging. Blogging allows you to publish relevant content about your industry while increasing the exposure of you and your brand to your target market. Blogging, when done right, can help you build your list, engage with your audience and increase your company’s sales. Below are a few reasons why you need to take your business’ blog seriously.

Blogging allows you to create content that will attract your target audience.

While we often credit Google for providing information about anything we can think of, the true is, Google provides very little of the content that we find on web. Google is just a search engine. What is it searching? It is search all the content that has been published on the website by people like you and me. When your search “how to build a landing page,” Google goes to its handy dandy index and gives you a list of all the pages on the web that talks about “building a landing page.” Those pages, many of them blog posts, where written by people just like us, who have something to say about building landing pages. When you click on a particular post, you are taken AWAY from Google and TO the website that the page is found on. From there, you can read the article or click around to see if there is other information on the site that you are interested in.

Blogging allows your content to be searchable

Let say that you wrote a great Facebook post on how to build a landing page. Guess what? The person we mentioned up above that is searching on Google for that topic will never find your post. Why? Because content that you post on Facebook is NOT searchable on Google. Most content that is posted on social media is NOT searchable through search engines. In order for your content to be searchable, it must be on your website or a third party platform such as YouTube which is searchable by Google (especially since YouTube is owned by Google).

Blogging allows you to showcase your expertise

Your blog content allows you to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Readers will have a chance to experience how you are able to help them solve their problem. When you are able to produce a number of targeted pieces of content on a given area, it increases your credibility.